Safety and Security Training

  • Situational Awareness training empowers individuals to recognize and understand signs of suspicious activity and its potential impact on themselves and those around them. These important individual life skills are the foundation of safety and security. The class is lecture and discussion and requires approximately one hour. It can be adapted and customized to meet the particular needs of each audience.

  • The goal of CATT is to provide participants with a better understanding of active threats and their potential response options. SCN developed CATT with a singular goal: national delivery of a timely, concise, applicable message and protection strategy for the hundreds of potential active threat survivors who might not otherwise know what to do during an unexpected act of violence wherever it may occur. This course subscribes to the national model: Run, Hide, Fight. The class is lecture and discussion requires approximately two hours. We recommend a walk through and drill at a later date. CATT can be adapted and customized to meet the needs of each audience.

  • STB is designed to augment basic first aid training with specialized techniques to recognize and control life-threatening external hemorrhages. These are the most common, preventable cause of death after injury. Participants will learn the ABCs of bleeding control, how to use basic first aid supplies to control life threatening bleeding, and proper use of tourniquets. The class is lecture, discussion, and practical application and requires approximately 90 minutes.

  • Greeter-Usher training provides participants techniques and skills to facilitate a safe and secure experience in Jewish spaces for the membership and guests. A well trained and engaged membership is the single best asset any organization can have to detect potential hazards or threats. A cadre of greeters and ushers, whether they are board members, officers, or congregants, can be trained to recognize potential hazards or threats and to respond appropriately. Program materials include best practices and guidance on establishing and managing a Greeter-Usher program. The Greeter-Usher class is lecture, discussion, and practical application and requires approximately 90 minutes.

  • Our Regional Security Advisor can develop presentations and training on other safety and security topics to address your organization’s needs. Contact our advisor to discuss your specialized training request.

  • Safety, security, and emergency preparedness plans need to be tested and practiced to ensure they will be effective and that everyone understands their role in the plan. Our Regional Security Advisor can help you plan and conduct drills and tabletop exercises of your plans.

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